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What is non negotiable for you?

Updated: Apr 30, 2020

What compels you? What Cause would you die for?

Life-Quest is a four week Online Course through Zoom, the web based video tool. I am running this course from Wednesday 22nd April 7pm-9pm to facilitate men and women who may struggle to answer these key questions. Some of the themes are: Our deepest desires, the turning points in our story, penetrating questions that explore reasons why we get stuck in our lives.

With courage and honesty we can connect with who we are becoming by what we have had to overcome. What is our true identity as image bearers? Come and find out on Wednesday evenings on Zoom. Email me at: and I will send you further details. The cost of this course is £50 for the entire 4 weeks. I offer ongoing one to one mentoring which will have to be via Zoom, WhatsApp or Email in light of the current pandemic.

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