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The root problem of humanity is #4 and the answer is #3

Updated: Aug 28, 2020

So what exactly does number 4 mean and how on earth does it relate to the 'root problem of humanity'? Moreover, what do I mean that the answer to this root problem is number 3? If I left it there, some guys in white coats might need to pay me a visit. Stay with me. Whether you agree with this or not will depend on your worldview, your belief and interpretation of all reality.

The problem #4......

Firstly, Alienation from the Creator God (Genesis 3v1-9) led to three other kinds of alienation. Secondly, Internal alienation within each person-alienation from oneself, for to know ourselves truly, we have to know God (Genesis 3v7-12, 16-19). Thirdly, alienation between Humans (relational and national conflict) as well as the seed of the serpent and the Seed of the woman (Genesis 3v15-16) Fourthly, alienation from and within nature or creation (Genesis 3v17-19).

These are the spiritual, psychological, social and environmental alienations that afflict the whole human family and have done ever since Eden. All these divisions result from sin and all of them distort God's good purpose in creation. We need to be able to grasp the complex and profound ramifications of this 4 fold alienation. Moreover, these 4 alienations interweave, interconnect and mutually reinforce each other. If we treat these 4 alienations separately, we miss God's comprehensive way of healing His entire Creation.

Therefore they all cry out for healing and reconciliation. Understanding the scope of the Fall of man in its cosmic scope will in turn clarify the true Church, the Ekklesia's mission. Faithful Christian Mission focuses healing these 4 alienations or divisions as a result of the Fall. It becomes crucial then to work on healing this profound alienation based on the provision of the Gospel which is fundamental to authentic mission. This is the Good News that the Body of Christ have to offer a broken fallen and deeply alienated world. This 4 fold alienation in Genesis 3v7-24 reveals themes that remarkably interweave throughout the whole Bible in both Testaments and throughout human history.

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