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Men’s group for followers of Jesus Christ?

I reckon there must be some Christian men out there who just don’t experience the camaraderie in church-that we long for. Are we not as men wired for camaraderie, a true sense of brotherhood that transcends the usual wearing of a mask? The key word is intentional. If men are not intentional about creating authentic brotherhood then it is not going to happen is it? My name is Nigel Mohammed. I’ve struggled with church culture for the most part of 30 years and have finally left, because traditional institutional church is not going to change. Going through the motions doesn’t develop authenticity.  There are guys out there who don’t jive with the church deal. There’s a big disconnect. My email is and I would love to hear from passionate followers of Jesus who want to get down to the bone real and are prepared to be intentional about developing something more authentic than ‘singing, sermons and socialising’ on a Sunday morning. If you’re in the trenches alone and the bullets are coming from all directions, what kind of guy would you want next to you?  Middle class respectability does not cut it in the trenches- the real battle zones that we are trying to cope with.

If you are interested in being intentional about a fellowship of the heart and pursuing authenticity, not that I am an expert. Reality not Religion, the email me: Nigel Mohammed

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