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Authentic manhood

The heart of a king is a pro-visionary heart, that looks ahead, watches over, and provides order, mercy and justice. The heart of a warrior is a protective heart, the warrior shields, defends, stands between and guards. A warrior is a protector. Men stand tallest when they are protecting and defending. The heart of a mentor is a teaching heart. The mentor knows. He wants others to know. He models, explains, and trains. He disciples-first his wife and kids, then others. He has a spiritual heart…he exercises the energy of inititiation and transformation. The heart of a friend is a loving heart. It is a care-giving heart. Passionate, yes. But more. Compassionate (‘I will be with you’). The friend in a man is a committment maker. And a promise keeper. His is the ‘energy that connects men to others and to the world’. Sourced in Scripture, observed in history, and experienced personally, these four pillars bear the weight of authentic masculinity. They co-exist. They overlap. And when they come together in a man, you will know it. You will feel it. You will be touched by it. Like four strands of steel in a cable, they will hold you’. (Stu Weber, Tender Warrior p42-3)

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