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History began when humans invented gods- and will end when humans become gods’…..

A quote by an Israeli Transhumanist Yuval Noah Harari who is the top advisor to the World Economic Forum and other Globalist elites. which has had so much influence over humanity in the last 2 years.


The foundation for all of reality is God’s Word because He created everything. But a battle began in Genesis chapter 3 between

God’s Word                        &                                         man’s word.

It all began with a Question: Has God said?

When there is no Absolute authority to explain all of reality- Who decides what it means to be human?

The battle has not changed, it just manifests itself in different ways throughout history. It’s a battle of Worldviews- A Worldview is basically what you assume about all of reality- but what you assume has to correspond with all of reality. 


2.    TRANSITION TO TOPIC: Bridge the Gap between the Hook and the content/topic

I run a course called ‘The Transforming Story’ which is about the Biblical Worldview-which answers the key questions of ‘Where did the Universe come from’/ ‘What is wrong with the World’;/ What is the solution to what is wrong’ / and ‘Where is history going’. You will see how the very first verse in the Bible invalidates every other Worldview and belief and is the foundation to build on for a health society and culture.

3.    SELF INTRO AND PREVIEW: My name is Nigel Mohammed, I used to teach Sociology to adults and I have also taught the Biblical Worldview in South East Asia and in the UK.

4.    AUDIENCE BENEFIT: Tell them what they will GAIN from the Transforming Story course- Don’t assume that they know. BE SPECIFIC

Come and see why it is called the ‘Transforming Story and how to engage with others about the Times in which we live, and be motivated and equipped to put the burden of proof on those who Question ‘Has God really said’?

It will be on Monday nights from 7pm to 9pm at 123 Tarring Road, West Worthing. You can email me at or call 01903 215851 to confirm that you will be coming. Pause Community Hub has a limit of 16 people. See you soon.

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