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Cliff Hiking
Cliff Hiking

Life-Quest explores the roots and fruits of our personal & cultural story, in order to live in a Bigger Story. We are all shaped by story. Story and Identity are inseparable. You cannot know who you are outside of Story. 



Transforming Story

A Worldview is like a pair of glasses that we interpret the world through. The glasses represent our presuppositions, what we presuppose or assume reality is. We normally do not look AT our glasses; we look THROUGH them without thinking. So also, we look through the glasses of our assumptions to interpret reality often without thinking. 

However, it is crucial that we understand the times in which we live, and therefore we need to understand two things:


  • First: The Biblical Worldview- Creation-Fall-Redemption-Consummation (Restoration)

  • Second: The competing Worldviews we have to live with in our everyday lives. 

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