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Life-Quest explores the roots and fruits of our personal & cultural story, in order to live in a Bigger Story. We are all shaped by story. Story and Identity are inseparable. You cannot know who you are outside of Story. 


Our personal story starts in the home. A good home is a space where words were spoken which formed identity, defined vocation and envisioned destiny. What story do we live in though if this was not the home that we knew-as a man, and as a woman?  Who wrote the script for the story we have been living in? What roles have we been playing because of that script? 

After what many believe was the most violent century in human history where more people died in the 20th century than in any other century- Here we are in the 21st century in a rebuilding phase trying to work out what it means to be human. 

Life-Quest is a course that takes an honest look at our story, the experiences and people that shaped us, the key turning points in our story, and explores the story we are living in now and what God's Larger Story is about. It is based on our Three-Fold calling: The Call to Belong to God (Communion); the Call to Be the people of God (Community Building) and The Call to Do God's work (Co-Creativity).

Each week we will use penetrating questions, various strategies and resources to explore the deep themes in your life story. For example, how and why we get stuck and how to get unstuck, therefore it will involve having the courage, honesty and willingness to face some difficult issues, however this is necessary in order to have a bigger story open up to us. It will look at how crucial it is for our hearts to be rooted and grounded in the Father's great Love for us and what being the Beloved of God means in relation to our deepest desires and core passion. 


Life-Quest also explores how our worldview shapes and determines what story we live in. This is about the cultural story we live in and the assumptions we have been conditioned to believe about reality because everyone has assumptions about reality. 



The Transforming Story is a course on the Biblical Worldview. The objective is to equip Christians to understand the times in which we live.  The Bible can be summed up in four words; Creation, Fall, Redemption and Consummation which is the Breadth of the Story.  The Depth of God’s Big Story answers key fundamental questions about the Origins of the Universe, What does it mean to be Human? Where is History going?

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